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Our categorization and contacts database contains lists of domain names with up to three assigned categories. Other data points about website owners include phone and email contact details, social media profiles, meta titles and descriptions, postal addresses, and country codes.

Website Contacts & Categories Database

Business contacts database is:

  • Accurate

    We harness the power of machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) supplemented by human expertise to parse web pages. In turn, our users can extract categorized contact data better and faster without resorting to manual research or web scraping.

  • Consolidated and coherent

    We make sure that our data retains a consistent format and can be readily integrated into business solutions. Our database comes in the form of MySQL dumps and comma-separated values (CSV) files.

  • Complementary

    For more comprehensive results, use Website Contacts & Categorization Database with WHOIS Database Download to obtain WHOIS data including registrant contact information and other ownership details.

Practical usage

Level up your marketing

Level up your marketing

  • Identify profitable opportunities. Generate and qualify leads based on your top performing customer profiles.
  • Edge out the competition aided by business intelligence, specially crafted marketing applications, and well-researched customer profiles.
  • Reach your target audience. Analyze website categories and establish what topics and keywords would work best for them.
  • Build your marketing contact databases. Get a list of all domains in your target industry with categories and gather their contact information.

Brand protection and risk management

  • Prevent potential damage to your brand image by monitoring references in unwanted categories. Ensure media placements are always aligned with your brand image.
  • Do thorough background checks on new partners, suppliers, or visitors to reduce risks and thwart fraud.
  • Investigate a suspicious URL or email domain that may have ties to malicious events such as phishing, malware attacks, and fraud.
Brand protection and risk management
Web filtering and access blocking

Web filtering and access blocking

  • Website categorization provides you with a quicker way to deal with Internet filtering and subscriber analytics to prevent fraud. You will be able to promptly block suspicious content that may arise in your application, device, appliance, or corporate network and does not relate to approved categories.
  • We offer you a flexible and scalable ML engine-based solution for practically any and every scenario meeting a range of business objectives, regardless of company size.

Configure your dataset

Website Contacts & Categorization Database | WhoisXML API

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