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Datafeed files

The datasets comes in two forms

  • "Domain names only" — a dataset which contains only domain names according to selected parameters. These files are named in format:
    "contacts_db.%DATE%.%DATASET_ID%.categories.jsonl.gz", e.g "contacts_db.2019-05-16.sdxXTRdWCx.categories.csv.gz"

  • "Domain names and contact information" — a dataset which contains domain names and related contact information according to selected parameters. These files are named in format:
    "contacts_db.%DATE%.%DATASET_ID%.contacts.jsonl.gz", e.g "contacts_db.2019-05-16.RtxtTKdWMx.contacts.csv.gz"

Downloading from the site

  • 1. You must be logged in.
  • 2. Go to the My orders page.
  • 3. Find the desired dataset, make sure that the configuring status is "Completed", select the required dataset format.

Please note that if you use Safari browser, then after clicking on the dataset link you will be asked to open it in Mac OS Finder. In this case, use the username and password from the instruction below ("Downloading via FTP").

Downloading via FTP

  • Host:
  • Port: 21210
  • Username: 'user'
  • Password: equal to your personal API Key which you can obtain from the My Products page.
  • Folder: Website_Contacts_and_Categorisation_Database
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